25. april 2016

Career profile: Jón was offered a great opportunity – and took it

DIKU Career fair

Shortly after graduating from DIKU’s Master Program in Computer Science Jón started working at Accenture. Now he is the main technical member in his current assignment. For Jón it is required to have the bigger overview of the job, but also to keep an eye on technical details.

Jón comes from a small town in Iceland. After high school, he did what many country-side Icelanders do: moved to the metropol Reykjavik to attend university. He graduated as bachelor in mathematics from Reykjavik University and worked for two years as a software developer. Though gaining some industry experience was interesting, he felt it was time to go back to university and get a Master‘s degree. He moved to Copenhagen to attend DIKU’s Master Program in Computer Science. He graduated in December 2014 and already in January 2015 joined Accenture as a member of the Advanced Technology and Architecture (AT&A) group.

Jón was offered a great opportunity – and took it

Things started with a bang! Already on his second day at Accenture, while still being in the onboarding process, he got a very interesting call from a Project Manager:

- I was asked to step in the shoes of a very experienced Technology Architect working for a big Financial Services client. The task seemed extremely challenging, and honestly, a bit daunting, however I decided to dive right in, says Jón and continues:

- At the client site, I was warmly welcomed by my colleagues. In the beginning, I worked closely with my manager and other team members so I got quickly acquainted with the different systems and processes.

- Today, I have been given a lot of responsibilities and – moreover - have experienced some travel activity with Accenture: One month in India and shorter trips to Spain and Norway.

Fast competency development

Jón was learning a lot in a short matter of time:

- The rate at which I was learning new things was incredible, a totally different experience to university for example –it was because I had to! I’m not only talking about learning technical skills (Java, Python, Linux, DevOps, Middleware, Reading-Old-Code!), but also the more human centered ones, like coordinating with the client and other consulting firms on tasks that span big scopes, Jón says.

Also room for social activities

Even though things are moving fast at Accenture, there is still room for a range of social activities from camping trips and cooking open fire steaks, to simple things like going to the movies and joining LAN parties:

- I’ve already made some great friends and learned many new things, Jón concludes.

You can meet Accenture at DIKU Career Fair 12 May 2016