02. maj 2016

Career Profile: Hanne Reck is a Software Developer at Deltek

DIKU career fair

Meet Hanne, a senior software developer on the Application team at Deltek. In her current position, Hanne uses her know-how from her computer science background to produce new functionality in project-based ERP software.

Background in Computer Science

Hanne has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from University of Copenhagen and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from the Technical University of Denmark. Additionally, Hanne has taken courses at Copenhagen Business School in Organization and Economics. Hanne works with design and implementation of wide range of client-driven solutions as well as maintenance tasks such as bug fixing.

- My job requires a lot of analytical skill. I’m frequently comprehending and analysing complex problems to break them down into smaller, more manageable parts, Hanne says.

In order to perform Hanne’s job, you need to understand the needs of the specific customer request, but then design and implement a solution for a wide range of customers around the world.

Challenges and Opportunities in Deltek

With high customer demand worldwide, Deltek offers a fast-paced and challenging work environment. Of particular importance are the laws and regulations in the different countries. Deltek, and often software developers like Hanne, must consider these requirements, and then ensure products are standardized, and that customers get solutions that are both high quality and long-lasting.

- Finding the right solution is really about balancing the needs of the client while offering a universal solution for a standard product. Often it’s very challenging work—but  also very interesting. It’s important that our implementation is high quality and performs well, Hanne says.

While a software developer position at Deltek offers challenges, it also provides many opportunities not only for working on an international team and a world-class product, but for discovering and developing your own niche.

- I have been able to truly influence my work life at Deltek, working with the projects I find most interesting and motivating. In my experience the others in the development team at Deltek have the same opportunity, Hanne says.

New Employees at Deltek

Hanne has been in Deltek for four years and says that there is always more to learn about the products. New employees at Deltek can expect a good introduction program followed by interesting projects, where they use their skills from university to design and implement solutions. They have the opportunity to work independently with support from experienced colleagues who provide valuable feedback as well as peer review on projects.

- We care about knowledge sharing, and I think this value leads to a strong collaboration among us at Deltek. I’m challenged in my work, and if there is something that I can’t do, my colleagues are there to help, Hanne says.

In Hanne’s opinion, Deltek offers an informal work environment, where there is room for diversity and many different nationalities. There is a good collaboration in teams, with numerous social events like Friday bar, theme parties, and Christmas lunches.

- Many of the employees have been in Deltek for several years. We all have a lot of collaboration and great development opportunities. There’s common agreement that Deltek is a good place to work, Hanne concludes.

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