11. maj 2016

Career profile: Tomasz is CSC Architecture Programme Graduate

DIKU Career fair

His bacground in Computer Science taught him to think in terms of design patterns and reusability, which has immensely helped him in architecting the solution.

What is your job function at CSC and what do you do on a daily basis?

I've been a CSC Architecture Programme Graduate since September 2015.

Which special Computer Science challenges do you experience in your work?

CSC got me interested in the topic of DevOps, and shortly after being hired I started to work on a project with the goal of modernizing deployment procedures and tools for one of the biggest CSC clients.

How do you use your background in Computer Science at work?

My role in the project was to design and implement an automation framework combining technologies such as Ansible, Docker, Jenkins and Nexus. Although there wasn't any specific university course that prepared me for that, they altogether taught me to think in terms of design patterns and reusability, which has immensely helped me in architecting the solution.

As an architect at CSC, you can expect to be challenged like that, but at the same time you will always have people around to support you.

What can CSC offer our students at DIKU?

We are now heavily investing in both emerging and well-established Open Source technologies, so you can also count on working with cool stuff, just like in start-ups. Furthermore, in the spirit of life-long-learning, CSC offers a huge amount of internal and external courses, as well as support for certifications so that you can develop and elevate your skills and job market position.

You can meet CSC at DIKU Career Fair 12 May 2016