DICON boardgame day

On Saturday September 15, 2012 at 10:00 and onwards, students old and new, faculty members and friends are invited to join us in the canteen for a day of boardgames.

The games will be an excuse for alumni to meet with old friends, for new students to get acquainted with DIKU's social life, for treating hangovers and for simulating state machines.

Individuals who show up early will be treated with home-made buns (where home is DIKU, of course), and there should be enough to go around a while for people who show up later.

The event is expected to last the entire day, until individuals no longer desire to roll dice, earn pieces of cardboard or point plastic guns at each other.

If you create or collect boardgames, don't hesitate to bring the ones you like or have not yet tried. DICON depends on participants to bring their favourite games.

During the day, people who do not participate at DICON are welcome to use the canteen for anything but cooking warm meals on the stoves or making a lot of noise.

To sign up for breakfast (so we know how much to make), send an email to: shine@diku.dk