Summer School on Domain Adaptation in Image Analysis

The Summer School on Domain Adaptation in Image Analysis is held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The school will present basic and advanced topics in domain adaptation through theoretical and practical lectures given by distinguished researchers in the field, among them

  • Corinna Cortes (Google Research)
  • Mehryar Mohri (New York University)
  • Yishay Mansour (Tel Aviv University)
  • Trevor Darrell (University of California, Berkeley)

All of them have strong experience in the topic of the Summer School. There will also be lectures given by guest speakers and members of the research group at DIKU to cover related topics to domain adaptation.

We expect that the students finish the course with an apprehension of the variety of domain adaptation methods, and that they have been given the tools to tackle this learning problem in their own work. The lectures will be supplemented with practical exercises to deepen the students' understanding of the material. In a plenum session, the invited experts will discuss future perspectives for the methods.

More info on the Event page.