Preparing for ESS: Visions for data analysis software at ESS

The eScience centre is initiating a series of talks with the general topic “preparing for ESS”. The series is planned to run every third Friday of the month starting in March. The talk audience is expected to be masters-, and PhD-students, as well as faculty at Science, but anybody with a knowledge of science is expected to benefit from the talks!

The first speaker is Linda Udby, NBI, and the talk title is:
Visions for data analysis software at ESS


"Neutron scattering is a valuable techniques to aquire information about 'where the atoms are and what they do'. Valuable both in the sense that it offers useful complemetary information to other scattering techniques but also in the sense that neutrons are expensive to produce. In many cases detailed data analysis and modelling is crucial in order to get the maximum yield and best publications of neutron data. Even though standard software covering data reduction and basic analysis exists and usually is freely available from the facility which it is primarily connected to, specialised code is often developed and kept at the groups and institutions working on a particular problem. It will be a challenge to develop seamless neutron software for the ESS both in terms of user-friendly general purpose and specialised software for particular tasks and science cases.

In this talk I suggest an infrastructure between people and software at the ESS which will aim to create an agile seamless neutron workspace which allows for data reduction, analysis, modelling and simulation."

Time: Friday March 16th 14.00

Place: HCØ D203

After the talk there will be refreshments