ESS Talk: Data analysis in real time?

The eScience center is hosting a series of talks with the general topic “preparing for ESS”. The talk audience is expected to be masters-, and PhD-students, as well as faculty at Science, but anybody with a general knowledge of science is expected to benefit from the talks!

The May speaker is Robert Feidenhans'l, NBI, and the talk title is:

Data analysis in real time?


"The upcoming synchrotron radiation and neutron scattering facilities have a great potential for opening new scientific fields. This will require attracting new users groups, user groups who are not yet customized with their capabilities, in particular not the use of fast high performance two-dimensional detector with an immense data output.

The competitiveness of the facilities for the topmost user groups is no longer given by high-brilliance or the high flux of the sources, but rather by their user service on all levels including fast and efficient visualization of results. Hence, the facilities have to focus on how to get all the way from source to science, which will require an extraordinary focus on the data handling, data reconstruction and data analysis.

In my talk I will give my own experience (30+ years) of user service – or lack thereof – and ideas of what will be necessary in the future."

Time: Friday May 11th 14.00
Place: HCØ D203

After the talk there will be refreshments