HIPERFIT Monthly Seminar


David Christiansen, ITU: Statically Typed Pensions

Introduction to a domain- specific language (DSL) developed in the context of project ACTULUS. Actulus is a research project in actuarial mathematics, involving Mogens Steffensen from IMF who is also leading the mathematical finance research in HIPERFIT. In ongoing work, David is developing a DSL for declaratively specifying life insurance and pension plans, as well as probabilistic models of the events upon which their valuation depends. He will present the language as it currently exists with special emphasis on the type system.

The talk was originally planned for the cancelled April seminar.

Michael Christensen, ALOC (Odense): Does your organization support evaluation and decision-making?

The talk is based on a study [1] of the organization and procedures surrounding the evaluation of credit applications (in the order of 100 million dollars per year) in a Danish bank. The analysis relies on a screening formalism [2], which at the heart assumes individuals to be fallible, to examine the impact of organizational structure on organizational performance. Recent dynamic models explain the remarkable adaptability observed in the data at the level of the individual. This validation of the theory carries a promise of applicability: How do I design the optimal organization?

There will also be the opportunity for informal chats about the 3rd HIPERFIT workshop, which took place in Chicago on 21-23 April in cooperation with the stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics (http://stevanovichcenter.uchicago.edu).

At the same time, the May seminar marks the debut of an important new member of staff in HIPERFIT. We are very excited to announce that Martin Elsman is joining the HIPERFIT team. Martin will fill the position of the HIPERFIT center manager, which is an associate professorship at the Department of Computer Science (DIKU).