Inaugural lecture by Martin Zachariasen

Professor inaugural lecture by Martin Zachariasen, Head of the Computer Science Department at KU.

Martin Zachariasen was appointed professor in algorithms and optimization in August 2011. This is celebrated though an inaugural lecture on April 12th 2012.


Title: Network models and algorithms: pictures at an exhibition


Networks are abundant in society. Computer networks, biological networks and social networks illustrate the richness and variety of real-life networks. Network models form the basis for powerful problem solving: algorithms that operate on networks can solve all kinds of problems – from shortest path problems to clustering problems in data mining.

In this lecture I will present a number of important network models and algorithms. It will be a suite in ten movements partly including some of my own (research) experience, covering combinatorial optimization, algorithm engineering and university management.

The lecture takes place in DIKU, Small Auditorium (Lille UP1) at 15.00.

After the talk there will be a reception in DIKU's former library.