Open lectures at New Media and the Public Sphere conference

CEMES (Centre for Modern European Studies) and CCC (Centre for Communication and Computing) invite you to the open lectures of the

New Media and the Public Sphere conference

The development of new communication technologies and the standardization process of their use have asked for reconsidering the concept of the public sphere and redefining the border between the private and the public. User-empowerment has opened the way for direct democracy and political participation, while user generated content changes the way we consider cultural production, making network society an inseparable cultural and political mix. In this context of media transformation, we propose to reflect and discuss how we can understand conceptually and develop empirically the public sphere in our contemporary media driven society.

Programme for the open lectures:

Place: UCPH, Southern Campus, room 23.0.50

November 8, 2012

9:30 -11:00

Zizi PAPACHARISSI (University of I llinois Chicago, USA):

Affective News and Networked Publics: Mediality, Engagement, and Social Change


Peter DAHLGREN (University of Lund, Sweden):

Counter-Democracy and Civic Identities: Contingencies of the Web Environment

November 9, 2012

10:00 – 11:00

Jan A.G.M VAN DIJK, University of Twente, the Netherlands:

The Structure of Public Space in the World-Wide Web

14:30 – 15:30

Anders HENTEN, Aalborg University:

Open vs. closed standards: The implications for new media.