Project Roslyn - Compilers and Services for the Masses

Presentation by Brian Rasmussen

The goal of the Roslyn project is not only to deliver the next generation C# and Visual Basic compilers and language services. Roslyn also provides a rich set of APIs for interacting with the entire compiler pipeline and data model. The Roslyn APIs make parsing source code, querying semantic information, analyzing data and control flows as well as scripting easy. In this talk we look at several examples of how to use the APIs to enhance tools and applications.

The talk is given in DIKUs small Auditorium, Lille UP1, Universitetsparken 1, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. It is open to all interested parties.


Brian is a Senior SDET at Microsoft working on the next generation C# and Visual Basic language services in Roslyn. Before joining Microsoft Brian was a Microsoft MVP for Visual C# for four years. Brian is blogging on the C# FAQ ( and can be found on Twitter (@kodehoved).

Scientific host: Fritz Henglein
Administrative host: Jette Møller.

All are welcome.
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