Asynchronous circuits in Industry

Talk by Andrew Lines, cofounder and ex-VP of R&D of Fulcrum Microsystems, now a division of Intel


Fulcrum Microsystems pioneered the use of asynchronous digital circuits in commercial products. Fulcrum developed 4 generations of networking chips, most recently a 72-port 10G Ethernet switch/router.

This chip contains 1.2 billion transistors running over 1GHz in TSMC 65nm, most of which are asynchronous.  Last year, Fulcrum became the Switch & Router Division of Intel.

I will present the low-level asynchronous design style developed by Fulcrum, along with their application to an Ethernet switch, and some of the 12 year history of Fulcrum. 

Bio: Andrew Lines is Senior Circuit Architect at Intel Corporation, former VP R&D and cofounder Fulcrum Microsystems

Scientific host: Associate Professor,Dr. Joseph Kiniry -