One Day Workshop on Single Assignment C (SaC) and APL Programming

SaC/APL Workshop at DIKU

Date: Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIKU and HIPERFIT host a one day workshop on Single assignment C (SaC) and APL programming. Participants will have a chance to try out both SaC and APL in practice through separate tutorial/exercise sessions. An overall theme of the workshop is to investigate the possibilities for using SaC as a target for realizing a subset of APL, so as to utilize SaC's possibilities for parallel computations on modern hardware.

Registration is required (but free) - lunch is included.

Outline of the talks


09:00--09:15 Welcome (Fritz Henglein)

09:15--10:00 SaC - a language for HP^3: High-Productivity, High-Performance, and High-Portability (Sven-Bodo Scholz, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)

10:00--11:30 SaC exercise session

11:30--11:45 Break

11:45--12:30 sac2c - a look under the bonnet of our highly optimising, auto-sequentialising compiler (Sven-Bodo Scholz, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)

12:30--14:00 Lunch

14:00--15:00 APL Introduction and data representation (Morten Kromberg, Dyalog)

14:45--15:00 Break

15:00--17:00 APL exercise session, including breaks

17:00--17:45 Parallelising the Dyalog APL Runtime (Morten Kromberg, Dyalog)

17:45--18:30 Brainstorm session APL/SaC (Everybody)