DIKU Business and Innovation is at your service to strengthen the Department's relations with the business community and the public sector. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for collaboration. We are always open to a good dialogue.

Portrætfoto af Anders Pall Skött

Anders Pall Skött
Team Leader, DIKU Business & Innovation
Manager, SCIENCE AI Centre
+45 35 32 70 80

Enquiries regarding innovation and research collaborations, national clusters, etc.

Portrætfoto af Inge Hviid Jensen

Inge Hviid Jensen
Business Consultant 
Manager, DIKU Business Club
+45 28 75 14 28

Enquiries regarding DIKU Business Club regarding Member Services, general enquiries, employer branding, events etc.

Portrætfoto Camilla Maj Vang Arffmann

Camilla Maj Vang Arffmann
Business Consultant

Enquiries regarding AI Denmark

Billede af Tine
Tine Nørgaard Aage
Business Consultant, projekt manager
Billede Sissel

Sissel Toverud Fugl
Student assistant
DIKU Business and Innovation / DIKU Business Club