Isabelle Augenstein

Isabelle Augenstein


Member of:

    1. 2020
    2. The 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

      Webber, B. (Organizer), Cohn, T. (Organizer), He, Y. (Organizer), Liu, Y. (Organizer), van der Plas, L. (Organizer), Chi Kit Cheung, J. (Organizer), Villavicencio, A. (Organizer), van Durme, B. (Organizer), Liu, Q. (Organizer), Schlangen, D. (Organizer), Liu, F. (Organizer), Muller, P. (Organizer), Li, J. (Organizer), Laippala, V. (Organizer), Rogers, Anna (Organizer), Xu, R. (Organizer), MacKinlay, A. (Organizer), Webster, K. (Organizer), Augenstein, Isabelle (Organizer), Brew, C. (Organizer), Kurfali, M. (Organizer), Jwalapuram, P. (Organizer) & Rasmussen, P. (Organizer)

      16 Nov 202020 Nov 2020

      Activity: Participating in an event - typesOrganisation of and participation in conference

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