The Business Project Portal

The portal helps match students, companies and supervisors for collaboration on projects. This offers the opportunity to find perfect project partners. Companies can upload projects for the portal where students have the opportunity to seek out projects of interest.


As a student you can establish contacts in companies for collaboration on projects and for obtaining practical skills.

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As a company you have the opportunity to offer projects for students or to look at the projectproposals uploaded by students.

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As the supoervisor of a specifik project you have a lot of taskes to keep track of. on this page you can read about relevant rules and procedures and you are also welcome to upload your own project ideas to the database.

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Find companies thet collaborate with DIKU through DIKU Business Club. Find out more about the club and what advantages and activities our members are offered.

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Projects on DIKU can be planned in several ways :

  • A business project located either as a full-time project in one block or as a part-time project in two blocks to 15 ECTS points. Company Projects can currently only be performed in the bachelor.
  • A bachelor submitted either as a full project in one block or as a part-time project in two blocks to 15 ECTS points.
  • A candidate project is free from the structure and can either give 7.5 ECTS or 15 ECTS points. Likewise, it is possible to make more than one candidate project - maximum of up to 15 ECTS points.
  • Master's thesis is 6 months and 30 ECTS points.

The relatively large freedom of choice provides ample opportunity for students and companies to get in touch with each other.