Case presentations

Mærsk: Indirect Tax Reporting on Blockchain

How does a company make sure that the correct VAT (moms) is being paid and that the tax authority (SKAT) can verify that no errors are committed on the way from invoicing to reporting?

Nordea: Repos on Blockchain

How can certain short-term (overnight!) loans, so-called repurchase agreements (repos), be reliably made without requiring a central registry or trusted third party such that collaterals (guaranteeing the loan) are not used twice? 


Abstract is underway

Shared case by Maersk, Nordea and NETS: On-Boarding to SWIFT and effective international payments

How can one reliably and auditably transfer large sums of money in international trade in seconds rather rather than possibly days, without intermediaries and trusted third parties?

Startup Company Presentations

Chainalysis: - ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Participant Profiling

How can you profile investors in an an anonymous investment fund, where investors are anonymous and contribute bitcoins rather than fiat (= ordinary) money?

Densou - Common Ledger of Authenticated Identities for Marketing (CLAIM)

How can you you reliably identify the right owner of a website, such as, to prevent fraudsters stealing the advertising revenue and stop a billion dollar issue in digital advertising.

Nepcon - Blockchain based timber tracking solution.

EU, US, Japan and China require documentation that all wood products of any kind, from designer furniture to wood chips for heating, are produced from sustainably managed forests rather than fragile natural forests.  How do you make sure that the origin of all wood used is tracked from forest to final product with no forging of information or production volumes?