Meeting in DIKU Business Club on Blockchain

The first DIKU Business Club meeting of the year is an open meeting for both existing and potential new members. Furthermore, students from the Computer Science programme as well as other related study programmes are invited.

Blockchain: What, how, what for, and is it legal?

We will attempt to give you a comprehensive introduction to the subject Blockchain. The event will be conducted in English.


Registration has closed. Write to Inge Hviid Jensen at if you are interested in participating.


16.00-16.10 Welcome by Head of Dept. Mads Nielsen, DIKU
16.10-16.20 Blockchain - intro by professor Fritz Henglein, DIKU Business Club
16.20-18.15 Talks session














18.15-18.30 - Omri Ross: Future Blockchain events in Copenhagen
- Inge Hviid Jensen: DIKU Business Club – what do we offer
- Fritz Henglein: Summing up on this event
18.30ff Food, drinks and mingling in the Southern end of the HC Ørsted Institute