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Zoran Milošević, Deontik, Australia

Date/time: Wednesday, May 16th, 2018, 3:01-4:00 p.m.
Location: Dept. of Computer Science (DIKU) Universitetsparken 5, Meeting room 01-0-029


Event-based analytics is increasingly gaining prominence in business and social applications. Despite the availability of many solutions specializing in event processing systems (e.g. CEP technology), there is currently no commonly agreed way of describing event and event pattern types, and thus no standardized method for interchange of event pattern instances between systems. This paper advocates an open architecture for event-based analytics comprising a common model that supports interoperability of data between different systems. It introduces the foundational concepts for describing event patterns including events, event pattern types and event pattern occurrences, based on the ISO/ITU-T/IEC standard Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP). The event pattern meta-model is also formalized using a UML meta-model to facilitate its adoption and usage across the event analytics community. We provide one case study introducing several event pattern types from the financial market data analytics domain and another case study of using it to support monitoring of digital business contracts. We identify a number of semantic challenges in developing interoperability solutions for the event-based processing, in spite of the fact that we needed to merge only two separately developed event-based conceptual models. We also discuss how this meta-model can be used and extended for broader enterprise and cross-organisational applications such as compliance monitoring and reporting of relevance for various regulatory applications.


Dr Zoran Milošević is a co-founder of Deontik Pty Ltd, a boutique consulting and software development company in Brisbane, Australia, specializing in the planning, development and deployment of enterprise systems. Prior to this, he was a Principal Scientist at CRC for Enterprise Distributed Systems and has had a number of posts at the Australian and UK Universities. He has been awarded many research grants and consultancy projects and delivered significant research, standards and commercial outcomes in the areas of enterprise distributed computing, business contracts, digital health, real-time analytics, compliance, finance and semantic interoperability. Recent work includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital contracts. Zoran is also the founder of the IEEE Enterprise Distributed Computing conference (EDOC), now in its 22nd year. He has passion for building links between academic and industry institutions and developing innovation ecosystems in Australia, including collaborations with international R&D organisations.

HostFritz Henglein (DIKU, tel.  +45-30589576)

All are welcome. No registration required. Apres-talk chat and beers/beverages at 4 p.m.