Lars Bak: The Art of Implementing Object-Oriented Programming Languages

DSfD Talk by Lars Bak, Director, Google Development Center, Aarhus


How is it possible to spend an entire professional career focusing only on 
object-oriented languages and their implementations? The first part of this talk will discuss why performance, size, and simplicity have always played an important role and how research and innovation continue to push the envelope. Second, I’ll offer you a glimpse of a brand new programming language and software platform for small IoT devices. Please note, this is the first public introduction of Toit! Be prepared to be excited.


Lars Bak spent the last 30 years designing and implementing object-oriented programming languages. His passion for this area started in 1986 when implementing a runtime system for BETA. Since then, Lars has left marks on several software systems: Self, Strongtalk, JVM HotSpot, JVM CLDC HI, OOVM Smalltalk, V8, and Dart, and lately Toit. In 2018, he received the Dahl-Nygaard prize for design and implementation of several object-oriented systems. Lars has a master’s degree in computer science at Aarhus University from 1988.

After the talk, Lars Bak will officially receive the Dahl-Nygaard Award, see

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Hope to see you all there
    Jacob Nørbjerg