Information Meeting: Join the DABAI national Big Data Center for the next phase

DABAI (DAnish Center for Big Data Analytics driven Innovation) is an Innovation Fund Denmark funded public-private partnership running since March 2016. The aim of DABAI is to boost the exploitation of big data and make Denmark a pioneer in exploiting big data in society and industry.

The knowledge organizations behind DABAI are the Alexandra Institute, DTU Compute, Departments of Computer Science from Copenhagen University and Aarhus University. In addition, more than 15 participants in term of companies and public authorities participate.

DABAI has in its first phase undertaken research and developed techniques and tools for big data analytics aimed at use in a broad range of application domains. We have developed a number of big data products and services for the application domains: Societal Data, Food Supply Chain and Educational Data.

The companies participating in DABAI have os of May 2018 estimated a total potential increase in turnover of 750 MDKK. Moreover, we see improved services for governmental authorities and the health sector.

At you may see information about the participants and the organization of DABAI. At you may see the current ongoing projects for developing big data products and services. 

The partners behind DABAI are planning a next phase of the center and we will make a new application to Innovation Fund Denmark in February 2019.

Thus we invite new companies and public organizations to join the consortium.

Based on advances in algorithms, machine learning and visual analytics DABAII – DABAI Interactive will enable a new level of societal big data value creation based on

  • Efficient, distributed and secure algorithms – safe and secure by federation. Enabled by computing close to source, cryptography and identity management.
  • Safe deep learning from digital media - video, image, audio, text, behaviors modeling using privacy preserving, robust and fair machine learning. Enabled by high precision integrated Danish / international knowledge graphs.
  • Interactivity and communication – trusted visual analytics. Enabled by identity, value/fairness and privacy management.

At this information meeting in Copenhagen, we will present:

  1. The current activities and results of DABAI
  2. Initial plans for DABAI II – which you will be able to influence
  3. Benefits and requirement for companies and public organizations to join DABAI II
  4. Networking session with refreshments, where you meet participants from the current DABAI


Register for the information meeting in Copenhagen HERE.

A similar meeting will be held in Aarhus on November 12, 2018 at 15-17

On behalf of the DABAI team
Ole Lehrmann Madsen,
Professor, CEO at the Alexandra Institute, and Chair of the DABAI Board