COPLAS and DLT seminar talk: Marlowe - Financial Contracts on Blockchain


Simon Thompson, University of Kent


Marlowe is a high-level, domain-specific language (DSL) for writing financial contracts on blockchain. Marlowe is defined by an executable semantics in Haskell, and has been implemented on the UTxO-based Cardano blockchain.

This talk will introduce Marlowe and describe its semantics, implementation and tooling as well as give examples, including some from the ACTUS financial standard. It will also address Marlowe as a Haskell DSL, and describe the choices made in designing and revising the language.


Simon Thompson is a researcher, author and teacher, and professor of logic and computation at the University of Kent. His research into functional programming covers verification, tool-building and testing for Erlang, Haskell and OCaml. He is the author of books on type theory, Haskell and Erlang, and runs a Mooc about Erlang for FutureLearn. He works with IOHK on domain-specific languages for Cardano.

Host: Fritz Henglein (DIKU, tel. +45-30589576)