Danish Championship in programming 2019 – University of Copenhagen

Danish Championship in programming 2019

On the first weekend in October the annual Danish championship in programming, or more officially: the NCPC - Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest takes place at various Danish universities.

From the 2018 NCPC contest in the HCØ Canteen

The University of Copenhagen hosts one of the local Danish competitions with a capacity of 35 teams each of 3 persons. Simultaneous events are taking place at other Danish and Nordic universities. After 4 p.m. when all submitted results have been evaluated, one Danish and one Nordic champion is nominated. From the Danish contest, the three best teams can proceed to the Northwestern European championship. And from this competition, the 10 best teams are allowed to participate in the World Championship. 

The competition arena is booked - now is the time to start practicing!

The canteen in the HCØ building is reserved for all our clever students, who may consider practicing a little on beforehand. In 2018 the first prize did not go to a team from the University of Copenhagen, but to one from Århus. So there is an extra call for regaining the honour and reputation from the past where KU teams have defended the first place through the past ten years more or less!

In addition to the honour, a travel cheque of DKK 10,000 is at stake for the winning team!

Wanna join in?

The official registration for the DM in programming opens after the summer holidays, in September.

Moreover, there will be a pre-event in the DIKU Canteen on 20 September, where you can try yourself out with some cases. We will announce both the pre-event and the competition itself through all available channels, including Facebook, KUnet, event platforms, etc.