DIKU Bits: Bioinformatics: Algorithms that make it possible to analyse billions of DNA sequences


Anders Krogh, Professor at Department of Biology & Department of Computer Science.


I work in bioinformatics and machine learning and have developed several methods for analysis of protein and DNA sequences. In this talk, I will introduce you to DNA sequencing and show you how it has revolutionized biological research. Then I will talk about how algorithms developed for text compression has been applied to the analysis of DNA sequencing data. The method builds on the Burrows-Wheeler transform, which can transform a text to become more compressible. Using an index, called the FM index, one can search for patterns in the original text. Finally, I will describe an application of the method.

Zooming in on Anders Krogh

Which courses do you teach? (BSc and MSc)
I’m teaching two courses in the bioinformatics master’s program: Biological Sequence Analysis and Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics.

Which technology/research/projects/startup are you excited to see the evolution of?
Deep learning. A balance between hype and reality.

What is your favorite sketch from the DIKUrevy?
I am new at DIKU and never saw DIKUrevyen.