What can (AI) research do for your company? Or your research work

We invite you for an open meeting about research collaboration between university and companies - hosted by DIKU Business Club, the SCIENCE AI Centre, IDAS and the Danish Industry Foundation.

Participation is free of charge. The event is conducted in English.

Who should participate?
Companies interested in joining a minor or major research project - e.g. to optimise their R & D efforts or obtain innovation. 
Researchers from SCIENCE interested in collaborating with companies on research projects involving IA or digitalization. Please sign up by 6 November and we will get back to you with more particulars on the program and company dating session and ask for your preferences.

We invite you for a half day of inspiration for:

√ Keynote talks about the design and funding of research collaboration or R&D projects drawing on research expertise
√ Best practice cases showing examples of how research can scale or improve results of operations
√ Match-making session, where companies and researchers can exchange new project ideas and knowledge and get Q and As from consultants from the University of Copenhagen as well as the Danish Industry Foundation and the Innovation Foundation. 


13:00 - 14:00

Keynote talks
Welcome talk by professor and Head of Dept. Mads Nielsen, Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen
The SCIENCE AI Centre - an umbrella for AI research at University of Copenhagen, by professor and head of Centre Christian Igel
Innovation Fund Denmark invests in entrepreneurs, researchers, and businesses that create value for Denmark and new solutions to society’s challenges, by project manager Michael Adsetts Edberg Hansen 
The Danish Industry Foundation develops and supports projects that create new knowledge and innovation, by Anders Ziegler Kusk 

14:00- 14:15 Break
14:15 - 15:45

Case presentations
IDAS: Experiences from Industrial Data Analysis Service and selected cases by the head of IDAS Fabian Gieseke
RAINBOWan EU Marie Curie Project about using AI for personalized clinical design by associate professor Sune Darkner
SCAUT – a new Health Technology Communication platform by assistant professor Tariq Osman Andersen
EcoKnow – Effective, co-created & compliant adaptive case management for knowledge workers” by professor and head of Section Thomas Hildebrandt 

15.45- 16:00
16.00- 16.45

Company Dating
Whom can you date - and what can they tell you about?

We start the dating session by brief introductions by the units, that you can date. The list is under elaboration and will be published soon. All participants will be asked on beforehand, whom they are interested in dating.

Companies and researchers can pitch project proposals; The SCIENCE Research and Innovation Unit, DIKU's Research Administration and funding experts from the participating foundations will provide Q and As as well as advice for project design and application procedures. Also about EU funding and alternative funding methods.

16:45 - 17.30 Reception
Tapas, drinks, networking