Richard Stallman coming to DIKU: Computing, freedom, and privacy

'Computing, freedom, and privacy' is the title of Richard Stallman's lecture at University of Copenhagen hosted by DIKU and DIKU Alumni. This lecture is one of three in Copenhagen, five in Denmark altogether, held by Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation at Danish universities.

Don't miss this unique chance of meeting Richard Stallman - a living legend within the GNU/Linux community

Richard Stallman is the man behind the Free Software Foundation and recognized as the father of the GNU manifesto as well as the GNU Emacs, GCC and GDB.

The 65 year old programmer, philosopher and activist has dedicated his life to enhance and practice openness and transparency in the digital society. In particular as regards free software that renders the user full control over a program.

Stallman comes to Denmark in May where he will hold a number of lectures at a number of universities, click for an overview.

The way digital technology is developing, it threatens our freedom, within our computers and in the internet. What are the threats? What must we change?

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