Flávia Santoro: Knowledge-intensive Processes: What comes next?


Knowledge-intensive Processes: What comes next?


Great value has been credited to the so-called Knowledge-intensive Processes (KiP) benefiting from the advent and proliferation of social media, smart devices, real-time computing, technologies for big data, data science and cognitive computing. My main investigation is about the origin, formalization, and support for KiP aiming to formally define Knowledge-intensive Process-Aware Information Systems (KiPAIS) as an environment for complex problems solving. This research project proposes a framework to address the following challenges: (1) create a formal theory capable of explaining KiP; (2) elicit and discover KiP; (3) represent and support the implementation of KiP; (4) manage KiP. The goal is to evolve Business Process Management towards the Wisdom Era in which traditional models are not enough anymore, human cognition and sentiments are valued as well as collaboration, and the ethical issues must be in focus.​


Dr. Flávia Santoro received Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (COPPE-UFRJ). Her research focuses on Information Systems, especially on the following subjects: Business Process Management, Knowledge Management, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning. She participates in Latin-American and European research projects, as well as with industry partners; has large experience in supervising students, organizing workshops and conferences, and serves on the program committee of various conferences.