Talk by Troels Damgaard


Software Architecture in the Wild Abstract


Troels Damgaard, Chief Architect, Edlund and PhD in Computer Science from ITU


In this talk, I'll share how I work with software architecture, and describe from - my experiences - a few examples of what being a software architect can mean. I'll also discuss some modern trends in software development and architecture that I'm inspired by in shaping the architecture at Edlund. I'll probably touch on microservice-oriented architectures, Domain Driven Design, and DevOps, since these are topics on top of my mind at the moment. I'll also share some war-stories based on some of the software architecture-related problems we have at Edlund, and discuss how we're trying to dig ourselves out of them. About Troels Damgaard: From a background as a PhD in computer science at ITU, Troels has spent the last 10 years at Edlund A/S - a FinTech company grown from ~100 people, to ~350 people in the same period. Having started as a senior developer in the core group, Troels is now Chief Architect with responsibility for shaping the software strategy of the company. In particular, he leads Edlunds strategy towards cloud, componentization, DevOps and modernization in general. He still tries to find the time code weekly.