Artificial Intelligence in a Computing Continuum - why and how?


Join us for this webinar to discover and discuss the new business opportunities, applying High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence in a Computing Continuum. You can hear cases and examples presented by researchers and practitioners from DTU, Vital Beats, and DIKU.

The benefits of AI and fast data processing are well known to most high tech companies striving to increase productivity and minimize costs of production and resources. But how do you navigate in the complicated interconnected network of sensors, actuators, instruments, and computing systems, whilst also ensuring that your data is safeguarded against attacks from cyberspace?

In this online session, you can join us on a digital journey through the universe of artificial intelligence and computing continuum (*) and gain an overview of trends and opportunities guided by experts from DIKU, DTU, and the startup company Vital Beats.

Many companies and industries, such as the health tech sector, are facing new computational challenges, but also see new business opportunities with the increasingly growing number of interconnected devices. In this session, we ask the speakers:

  • Why are artificial intelligence, high performance computing, and cybersecurity – seen in a computing continuum - changing the standards of the European digital industry?
  • How can you create new business opportunities with artificial intelligence and harness the computing continuum of interconnected sensors, actuators, instruments, and computing systems?
  • How did Vital Beats create an AI-driven software platform for remote cardiac care and clinical decision-support for cardiologists and treatment of pacemaker patients?

Who should participate?

The webinar is relevant for researchers, decision-makers, R&D officers, students, or everybody who wants to stay up-to-date on the integrated use of HPC, AI, and Security as a computing continuum, notably in the Health tech Industry.




It is free to join the webinar but sign up is required through this link.

If you have questions regarding the webinar, please contact Head of Business & Innovation, Anders Pall Skött.