IT Career Day 2021 - For students

Mark your calendar on 21 May 2021, where you online can meet a large number of companies and organisations working with IT and software development. Who knows, maybe you will find your future employer at the IT Career Day?

Photo from previous IT Career Day

Students - sign up using this link

Who can you meet?

You will be able to see the participating companies on this page as the planning progresses. There will be both national and international companies from start-ups to the big ones, which embrace a wide range of areas such as FinTech, transport technology, public IT, learning, business intelligence, data management, 3D scanning, game development and much more. On this page, you can see the participating companies and read about what they are looking for.

What do you get out of participating?

Gain insight into what career paths you can choose and what the companies are looking for. Create personal contact with the companies that interest you and find out what competencies and skills the different positions require. The career day can be both your entrance to a job after your studies as well as study jobs, business projects and collaboration with the companies.

How does it work?

As we once again must host IT Career Day online, we have made it much more interactive and fun to participate in. It's all going to take place in, where you can design yourself as an avatar and walk around the fair like in an old school computer game. When you approach others, you can contact them via your webcam, and you, therefore, have direct interaction with the participating companies as well as with your fellow students. There will be the opportunity for company dating, talking by the company stands, you can watch 1 minute of madness and meet with your friends for a game or at the bar. Unfortunately, you have to take care of the drinks yourself.

Visit's webpage and try their demo here.


If you already have a CV that you would like us to send to the companies, then please upload it here (closed).

You can also upload your CV after IT Career Day.

Company descriptions (still being updated)

Here you can read about the participating companies and see which profiles they are looking for (some are in Danish)


















I Koncern IT i Københavns Kommune arbejder vi for et digitalt København. Vi transformerer hverdagen for borgere og medarbejdere med machine learning, algoritmer, voice- og chatbots. Vi sikrer stabil og moderne infrastruktur, og vi har et gennemgående fokus på it-sikkerhed – så vores kolleger trygt og nemt kan hjælpe borgerne med velfærdsopgaver.

Vi investerer målrettet i nye teknologier – og er i dag blandt de førende offentlige organisationer, der har hentet gevinster på robotautomatisering.

For at sikre at vores leverancer er af højeste kvalitet, prioriterer vi vores vigtigste ressource højt - og vores vigtigste ressource er selvfølgelig vores medarbejdere. Da vores volumen, kompleksiteten i opgaverne og mulighederne for udvikling og læring er tårnhøje, er vi hele tiden på udkig efter de dygtigste talenter. Som medarbejder hos os får du stort ansvar fra første færd – også selvom du er nyuddannet. Hvad enten du søger studiejob, fuldtidsarbejde eller projektsamarbejde, har vi interessante opgaver til dig.

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