Master class in programming for CS students

Fra DM i programmering 2019
Fra DM i programmering 2019

Will you participate in the Danish Championship in programming on 8 October? Strengthen your skills when DIKU hosts two master classes for UCPH students on Tuesday, 20 and Friday 30. September respectively.

When Where
Tuesday 20 September kl. 16 - 19 Lokale 4-0-17, DIKU, stuen, Universitetsparken 1, 2100 Kbh Ø (finished)
Friday 30 September kl. 13 - 16 Lokale A101, 1. sal, HCØ, Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Ø

Ex-Lambdabamse Jakob Bæk Tejs Houen and two other championship veterans, Jonas Klausen and David Lolck, who have both participated and performed well for DM in programming aka. NCPC will over two afternoons provide you with tips, tricks and skills on how to design the winning strategy, how to set the best class, how to split tasks in your team, and how to go for the winning course at DM in programming.

You can also sign up for the DM pre-event in the DIKU-canteen

Jobindex is dropping by the DIKU canteen on Friday 23 September at 16-19 and hold a pre-event, where you can compete for prizes, and where you will be able to test the form. Sign up for the Coding competition/pre-event on 23 September.

The Nordic/Danish championship NCPC 2022 will take place on Saturday 8. October from 10-16 and is held in the fine Infosal in KUB north on the corner of Nørre Alle and Tagensvej. Not yet open for registration.