Culture Night 2023

Girl tries out haptic VR technology, which provides a sense of touch and movement in the air.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, together with the other departments at the Faculty of Science, invites you to the Culture Night on Friday 13 October 2023.

This year we offer an exciting programme with a wealth of creative and educational activities for the whole family. Learn about ChatGPT, whether artificial intelligence can take over your job and learn about the known and unknown limitations of the technology. Make your own DIKU badge, go on an interactive treasure hunt and delve into the marvellous history of the department. Programme a robot and use machine learning to find a murderer. Our researchers and students are ready to guide you through the exciting world of computer science.



The exceptional world of robots
Learn about robotics and machine learning as you witness the incredible LEGO robot teaching itself to swing.

Computer science driving licence
Take the big computer science driver's licence and program a robot to safely drive through a track without using a steering wheel and pedals.

Treasure hunt
Join the big computer science treasure hunt where you have to complete a series of fun and challenging tasks via your mobile phone. There are prizes for everyone who participates, and every hour we'll award the fastest, with the chance to win an M5Stick Plus - a small programmable developer board in the form of a wristwatch.

Explore the history of the department and learn more about how computer science has developed in Denmark.

Join us as we show how computer science and biology can work together. In a live demonstration, you can see how algorithms are used to sequence DNA.

Badge workshop
You can also make your own DIKU badge in the creative workshop.


The AI Revolution: Some limitations of AI systems
Presentation by PhD student Richard Michael (in English)

It seems that advanced AI systems, such as ChatGPT, are here to challenge our working lives. Will artificial intelligence take over our jobs? While these models are masterful at their core functions, a whole universe of known and unknown limitations makes them far from infallible. Learn more about AI's competencies, their boundaries and limitations and gain a broader understanding of the potential. It will be possible to ask questions afterwards for a Q&A session.