ReWork Artistic Exploratory: Research and Art Exhibition (RAE²)

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The Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with Kulturværftet, is organizing the art and research exhibition ReWork Artistic Exploratory, where visionary artists, who all work with technology in their art, present creative proposals for the hybrid working life of the future. The event takes place on September 21st and is part of the ambitious research project REWORK.

Remote and hybrid working will certainly be part of the future of work, but what will the next generation of Zoom and Teams look like? The research project REWORK: The Futures of Hybrid Work explores digital technologies for hybrid work. As part of the project, participating researchers and companies are working with artists, opening up new avenues for solutions to challenges such as 'Zoom fatigue'.

Join artists Stine Deja, Jakob La Cour, and Line Finderup Jensen, along with researchers from the ReWork research project (including Pernille Bjørn, Irina Shklovski, Naja Holten Møller, and Kellie Dunn from DIKU), for this multidisciplinary art event, research exhibit, and reception. Using virtual reality and interactive video art, among other things, they will push the boundaries of what is possible today!

There is free access to the event, but it would be appreciated if you could sign up by getting a free admission ticket. Click the box on the right side of this page to read more and sign up.