News 2010

This news list contains important information about research and grants at the eScience center as well as the Department of Computer Science.

Karen Marie Lyng new PhD at DIKU

20 December 2010

Karen Marie Lyng defended her PhD "Computerizing clinical practice guidelines" on December 20th 2010

DIKU Students Top-10 finalists in European Programming Championship

23 November 2010

The team "Lambdabamserne" hit the top 10 at this years' NWERC 2010.

Three Danish computer science students - also known as the Lambdabamser - obtained an impressive ninth place at this years European Championship in programming, NWERC 2010 in Germany. Altogether 67 teams from all over Europe participated.
DIKU congratulates the Lambdabamser, whose real identity is Søren Dahlgaard, Mathias Bæk Tejs Knudsen and Sebastian Paaske Tørholm.

Available Instructor jobs in Computer Science Blocks 3 and 4 in 2011

23 November 2010

Are you a student - and would you like to teach other students? Then why not apply for a job as instructor? Please note the deadline 26 November 2010.

Participate in the Danish Innovation Tournament 2010

28 October 2010

Registre now!

Lauge Sørensen from the eScience Center defended his PhD "Pattern Recognition-Based Analysis of COPD in CT"

11 October 2010

Research in medical diagnosis by means of image processing is facing a big breakthrough. PhD student Lauge Sørensen and his research colleagues from the eScience Center at DIKU have developed a new efficient method of diagnosis for the lung disease COPD - also known as smoker's lungs. Lauge defended his PhD at DIKU on October 11th

DIKU's 40th anniversary a big success

4 October 2010

The Useful software celebration day 30th September 2010 was attended by roughly 400 guests, who enjoyed a variety of perceptive and knowledgeable talks contributed by i.a. legendary computer scientists, top level university management and representatives from the IT industry.

Celebration at DIKU: 40 years of development in computer science

20 September 2010

DIKUs 40th anniversary is celebrated with a symposium on the September 30th and with the publication of a new book about the digital revolution

Stig Skelboe appointed as Project Leader for ESS Data Centre

13 September 2010

Professor Stig Skelboe has been appointed as Project Leader for the European Spallation Source Data Centre which will be located in Copenhagen

DIKU reports of almost full house after closing date for bachelors' applications

30 July 2010

142 new students, 13 female and 129 male, have been admitted to the bachelor study in computer science. Following the tendency of the rest of Denmark, DIKU experiences a boom in number of applicants - we are running at almost full capacity (95%) after the first deadline.  

DIKU's New Home: Niels Bohr Science Park is now approved

22 July 2010

The Plans for the new Niels Bohr Science Park have now officially been approved

DIKU's staff and students presently located in Universitetsparken 1 and 5 will move to Niels Bohr Science Park together with the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Science Education, once established, probably by 2015.
The winning consortium of the architectural comptetition headed by Rambøll Denmark presented its proposal at an event on 30th June.
Read more about the science park building plans in an article in ...

PhD student Patrick Bahr receives Award for best contribution at RTA 2010

19 July 2010

Patrick Bahr was awarded a Best Contribution Award for two articles at the RTA 2010 conference.

DIKU-researchers won Best Paper Award on GRAPP 2010

19 July 2010

At the International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications three DIKU-researchers won the Best Paper Award

Press release: Coccinelle finds a home in the Linux kernel

22 June 2010

Coccinelle which is a tool for finding and fixing bugs in C code that has been developed by i.a. Julia Lawall and Nicolas Palix (DIKU) is since June 14th available in the Linux source tree itself!

New publication: Doctoral dissertation on the Steiner Tree Problem

25 May 2010

Martin Zachariasen's doctoral dissertation: Fixed Orientation Interconnection Problems: Theory, Algorithms and Applications consists of 12 individual research articles as well as a synopsis with an introduction to the theoretical and practical framework.

Students at DIKU and eScience - are you ready to submit your business ideas?

26 April 2010

The deadline for submitting your business idea for the Venture Cup competition is May 3rd.

More public attention to eScience with PR eScience

15 April 2010

To attract more public attention to eScience projects in the Øresund Region, the PR eScience project has been established in a cooperation between the Copenhagen, Lund and Øresund Universities.
PR eScience involves one or more "ambassadors" who will strengthen the "public relations" of the eScience center to relevant research environments and industries. The purpose is to...

Applications invited for a PhD scholarship within Image Analysis

7 April 2010

Apply before 29 April.

Event 11. March for COME Students

26 February 2010

COME is short for Copenhagen Master of Excellence. At DIKU master students from 2009 are students under the COME program. Register your participation by 1st March 2010.

Christian Panton cited in the media for his test of DSB's electronic travel card

29 January 2010

Christian Panton, who is a master student at the eScience center, achieved national attendance when demonstrating to the viewers of the national Danish news channel that the new electronic travel card developed by Rejsekortet A/S to by used by i.a. DSB, the Danish National Railway Company, and Movia, the metropolitan transport company in Copenhagen, could easily be hacked.
Read more about Christian's work in this article in
Version 2: (in Danish).
Rejsekortet have, however, issued a press release in which they refuse the allegations of Christian....