News 2011

Anders Starcke Henriksen new PhD from DIKU

22 December 2011

Anders Starcke Henriksen defended on Wednesday the 22. December his PhD dissertation about Adversarial Models for Cooperative Interactions.

Holger Bock Axelsen new PhD from DIKU

20 December 2011

Holger Bock Axelsen defended his PhD degree in Computer Science on 15th December

DIKU is still DIKU

16 December 2011

Following yesterdays decision on a merger of the two faculties SCIENCE and LIFE, the staff and students of the new big faculty were invited to an information meeting, where more details on the merger and new organisational structure were presented.
To sum up: DIKU or the Department of Computer Science remains intact and unaffected as an entity after the merger. Head of Department, Martin Zachariasen continues in his present position. More news to follow in the next days.
Interested persons may look into selected slides (in Danish) from todays information meeting showing the new structure of the SCIENCE Faculty....

Big merger of faculties confirmed by the Board of the University of Copenhagen

15 December 2011

Today a proposed merger of four faculties into two as well as reduction of the number of departments by almost 50% was decided upon by the Board of directors of the University of Copenhagen. DIKU is part of the proces, but remains intact as a department without merging with any other department for the time being.

Did you miss the inauguration of CCC?

17 November 2011

Center for Communication and Computing was inaugurated by a mini-conference on Wednesday the 16th November 2011. If you missed the event you can now view it as podcast on

Google scholarships - female and disabled students may apply

17 November 2011

Google gives scholarships of 7000 EUR to female as well as disabled students.  

Setting a deadline of 1st February 2012 Google calls for applicants for their scholarshiops within Computer Science and Computer Engeneering Informatics and similar areas.

Mikkel Thorup is new professor at DIKU - in algorithmics and data structures

22 September 2011

Mikkel ThorupThe Professor inaugural lecture by Mikkel Thorup is held at HCØ in Auditorium 2 on 29th September 2011 at 15.00 p.m.

New undergraduate textbook: Introduction to Compiler Design

14 September 2011

Torben Mogensen, DIKU, has released a new textbook on Compiler Design, edited and published by Springer Verlag.

Unsolved computer science riddle faces serious challenges

23 August 2011

COLA, the lifespring of any computer scientist, is now also the name of an ambitious research project aiming at solving a million dollar question of computer science. Associate professor at DIKU Jakob Grue Simonsen has received a 1m Euro Grant from the Danish Sapere Aude program for young research managers.

Martin Zachariasen is now Professor of Computer Science

19 August 2011

Martin Zachariasen, Head of Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, may now add a new title to his dossier: As of 12th August 2011 he is appointed Professor of Computer Science.

DIKU reports of full house this year

11 August 2011

After the closing of the deadline for accepting offered student seats, 151 new students have chosen to study computer science at DIKU.

DIKU seeks Assistant or Associate Professorship(s) within Human-Centered Computing

12 July 2011

Duties may include the successful applicant's own research, development of the field, assessment tasks, grant applications, and research management such as supervision and training of research fellows and other staff

Copenhagen's running Google professor

16 May 2011

Machine learning is the secret ingredient behind many web-based services and applications that we use every day. Corinna Cortes, Copenhagen professor, head of Google's New York research centre and developer of one of the main algorithms in the field, talks to the University Post about her work, her time, and her running.

Celebrity Talk at DIKU/The HIPERFIT Centre

9 May 2011

Dave Cliff, professor of computer science at the University of Bristol entertained and enlightend a spell-bound audience on the socalled Flah Crash of May 6th 2010: WTF

University of Copenhagen is still among the World's Top 100 universities in computer science

27 April 2011

The annual QS Topuniversities' "World University Rankings" has recently been issued.
The list isreleased by subject - as far as DIKU is concerned it is therefor especially interesting to dive into the Computer Science & Information System Rankings, showing the University of Copenhagen at a comfortable position within the 51-100 range.
The position is allocated on basis of the following criteria: Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation and Citations per Paper. DIKU is particularly strong on employer reputation og citations. ...

Professor Edda Sveinsdottir turned 75 last Saturday

14 April 2011

The first female Danish computer scientist turned 75.

New computer science research: Early diagnosis of KOL

14 April 2011

According to post-doc Lauge Sørensen, member of DIKU's Image Group Research Team, the discovery of a new algorithm has the potential of competing with human physicists' diagnosis of smoker's lungs disease (KOL).

The ERASMUS student exchance program is very popular

8 April 2011

This spring 6 Danish DIKU students have chosen to study a semester abroad. "It's actually a good percentage in relation to the number of students who complete their master each year" says programme coordinator Robert Glück. "We are happy to see that the interest in exchange programmes is generally increasing. This is a positive trend, because the students return with a lot of good experience and inspiration"
The number of foreign students coming to DIKU under the ERASMUS programme is no less impressive. According to Robert Glück 28 European students representing 13 different countries came to DIKU during the academic year 2010/2011....

Record number of visitors during Open House at SCIENCE 2011

18 March 2011

The annual Open House at SCIENCE was held Wednesday, March 9th, 2011. Both Computer Science and Natural Sciences and IT had booths filled with interesting technology, and by the end of the day a record number of people had visited.

Machine learning for everybody!

11 March 2011

Christian Igel and Corinna Cortes gave many-faceted lectures on machine learning at the double professor inauguration on 2nd March 2011. See photos and presentations.

Leslie G. Valiant recieved the Turing Award 2010

10 March 2011

Leslie G. Valiant received the "Nobel Prize of Computer Science" the Turing Award 2010 for his significant contributions to theoretical computer science, particularly within machine learning.

James Avery new PhD from DIKU (Dept. of Computer Science at KU)

8 March 2011

With his dissertation New Computational Methods in the Quantum Theory of Nanostructures James Avery on Tuesday the 8th March 2011 defended his PhD at DIKU.

Functional Programming Live!

1 March 2011

Fritz Henglein shared philosphical as well as scientific food for thought during his inaugural lecture on 24th February. See photos and the presentation. A video is coming up soon.....