18 March 2011

Record number of visitors during Open House at SCIENCE 2011

Continuing the previous years' succes, Open House at SCIENCE opened the doors at Wednesday, March 9th, and the lobby at The H.C. Ørsted Institute was filled with booths from the various courses, including Computer Sciences and Natural Sciences and IT. The interest for science was immense, and by the end of the day 1219 people had visited - 400 more than last year.

The massive publicity involving both Open House and Natural Sciences and IT led to an increase in the number of visitors at both their booth and their informational lectures.

The faculty's study on the the reasons why people chose their studies shows that around 25% of the new bachelorstudents have participated in Open House at SCIENCE. Of these, 45% answered, that the arrangement had a big impact on their choice of studies. This shows, that the arrangement is very important for recruiting new students to the studies at the faculty.

See more photos below:

Torben Mogensen tells about the social environment when studying Computer Sciences. Søren Olsen explains the many advantages of combining natural science with IT.
The press also stopped by at the booth for Computer Sciences. The students visiting found Machine Learning quite interesting.