8 April 2011

The ERASMUS student exchance program is very popular

This spring 6 Danish DIKU students have chosen to study a semester abroad. "It's actually a good percentage in relation to the number of students who complete their master each year" says programme coordinator Robert Glück. "We are happy to see that the interest in exchange programmes is generally increasing. This is a positive trend, because the students return with a lot of good experience and inspiration"

The number of foreign students coming to DIKU under the ERASMUS programme is no less impressive. According to Robert Glück 28 European students representing 13 different countries came to DIKU during the academic year 2010/2011.

Together with DIKU's international full-rate COME-students, the ERASMUS-students contribute to the building up of a genuine international study athmosphere which reaches right into the social "heart" of DIKU, i.e. the Canteen.

For Danes interesting in going abroad there are still vacant rest places for Spring 2012 which can be sought until  4th October 2011.