11 March 2011

Machine learning for everybody!

Christian Igel and Corinna Cortes gave exciting lectures on aspects of machine learning at the double professor inauguration on 2nd March 2011.

Towards Autonomous Machine Learning was the title of Christian Igel's lecture. After a primer on supervised machine learning with focus on the role of prior knowledge for proper generalization, the audience was given a concrete example of increasing autonomy and of a semi-automatic model selection for support vector machines.

See the full presentation(pdf). 

Under the heading Machine Learning - Modern Times Corinna Cortes discussed some of the algorithmic advances and implementation solutions which Google have designed to effectively and efficiently handle the challenges in processing and scoring large data sets. The examples were illustrated by machine learning examples from a number of Google applications including Gmail, Image, and Product Search.
See the full presentation (pdf).

The more than 100 members of the audience were given very entertaining and illuminative lectures on the topic Machine Learning, which promises to be a special area of focus in the coming years. (NB The 2010 Turing Award was given to British Leslie G. Valiant for research in Machine Learning). At DIKU this research area promises to be one of our growth areas. Christian Igel will be the main contact person for collaboration on research projects. Corinna Cortes has promised to return regularly to lend expertise and support to researchers and PhD students.

See photos from inaugural lectures and the following reception.