News 2012

Student does software for TV adverts

20 December 2012

Computer science student is into fluid simulation. He does it at university, and in the movie and advertising industry.

DIKUs dissemination prizes 2012 awarded

13 December 2012

On Friday 7 December DIKU’s Dissemination Prize 2012 were awarded for good research communication in 2012. Two prizes were awarded: The Audience’s favorite prize went to Robert Glück, Holger Bock and Michael Kirkedal, all APL, receiving 30,000 kr. The Head of Department's prize of 20,000 kr. went to Erik Frøkjær/HCC.

Student flash mob in the HCØ Building

23 November 2012

On Wednedsday 21st November 2012, computer science students demonstrated the possible effect of a relocation from their present canteen to an area in the hall of HCØ.

Students' canteen to remain with DIKU's students

16 November 2012

Joy and happiness echoed all the way out the farthest wings of the DIKU building in Universitetsparken 1, as Martin Zachariasen on Friday personally informed the students  that they can keep their beloved canteen.

Gamers prepare for Tournament

8 November 2012

University Post visits the DIKULAN event in the student canteen of DIKU.

Jonas Moll new PhD from DIKU

1 November 2012

Jonas Moll on 23rd October successfully defended his PhD thesis on: Prototyping Matters of Concern - On Productive Relations of Participatory Design and STS in Patient-Centered Healthcare

Rasmus Fonseca new PhD from DIKU

31 October 2012

Rasmus Fonseca successfully defended his PhD thesis Reducing the Search Space in Protein Structure Prediction on Monday 29th October 2012.

Transport Ministry hid scathing Rejsekort report

22 October 2012

A report from a consultancy firm indicating that the new electronic public transit ticketing system has problems with its payment system was buried by the Transport Ministry for two years

ICFP 2012 is on!

12 September 2012

The 17th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming is on. See pictures from Day1

DIKU Student Nis Wegmann got to work with Nasa

12 September 2012

Computer science student back in Copenhagen after internship with US space agency NASA. Students should try their luck in big companies, Nis Wegmann says.

Copenhagen 51st on QS ranking

11 September 2012

The rankings season kicks off with UCPH gaining one spot over last year on QS ranking - according to the University Post of UCPH.

Matthew Liptrot - new postdoc at DIKU

23 August 2012

Matthew George Liptrot has joined DIKU in a 2-year postdoc position to participate in a research project on brain scanning. Matthew has a background in bio-engineering and contacts in applied medicine, and this experience guides him in his work to apply math to the brain research of today.

DIKU welcomes the largest number of international M.Sc. students so far

9 August 2012

On September 3 we welcome 66 new master students, of which 33 are international.

Open Source Software World Challenge 2012

6 August 2012

Open Source Software World Challenge 2012" is the annual competition hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy of Korea. NEW DEADLINE IS AUGUST 12, 2012.

Good news: The women are returning!

30 July 2012

The 2012 student intake at Computer Science brings joy in more ways. Not only was last year's record surpassed by 2.5% to a new record of 163 offered student places. What is even more cheering is that 15 of these are women - approaching the 10% ratio which is considered a reasonable gender ratio.  

Watch the topDatamat Sketch Show produced by students at DIKU

3 July 2012

Now the two first releases of topDatamat can be enjoyed with English subtitles.

Take a journey in the mysterious computer science student universe emerging from the underground of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen and find out for your self why this institution will probably never let go of its slightly nurdy reputation.

Enjoy a.o. the outstanding interview with C++ inventor Bjarne Stroustrup

PhD Scholarship now available at DIKU

6 June 2012

The Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (DIKU) invites applications for a PhD scholarship.

We encourage highly qualified and motivated candidates to apply for the PhD scholarship within computer science in the areas of DIKU´s research groups. Application deadline is 2nd July.

Women it scientists outraged after sexist comments

31 May 2012

Strong citations by Aasa Feragen and Melanie Ganz in the University Post to Dell episode.

Andrew Blake was here!

23 May 2012

Andrew BlakeOn the hottest day of this year so far DIKU had a prominent visitor in the shape of Mr. Andrew Blake, head of Microsoft Research in Cambridge, who gave a tour de force of Microsoft's latest achievements within research and business development.

Sudhakar Tummala new PhD from DIKU

21 May 2012

On Friday 19th May Sudhakar Tummala defended his PhD thesis on Quantification of Biomechanical Imaging Biomarkers.  

DIKU, now appearing on YouTube with new sketch show: topDatamat

11 May 2012

Is DIKU an oldfashinoned, geeky, nurdy institution? Deem for yourself when watching topDatamat, a brandnew sketch show performed by a bunch of young nurds. This video has English subtitles for the courtesy of our non-Danish audience. More episodes will follow.......!

Kersten Petersen new PhD from DIKU

3 May 2012

On Tuesday the 1st May 2012 Kersten Petersen successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled Bayesian Image Segmentation with Multiscale Feature Learning.

Postdoctoral Research Position within X-ray Image Analysis of High Quality Furniture Wood

22 March 2012

The Image Group at the Department of Computer Science (DIKU), University of Copenhagen, Denmark, seeks a postdoctoral researcher for the project “Self-adaptive cutting of wood for furniture production based on on-line low-E X-ray characterization”. The application deadline is 10th April 2012.

3 new positions within Regular Expressions available

13 March 2012

2 PhD and 1 postdoctoral position are avalable at DIKU within Regular Expressions and Types. Deadline for application is March 31st 2012. More info.

Gopal Karemore new PhD from DIKU

13 March 2012

On March 12, 2012 Gopal Karemore defended his PhD thesis on Computer Aided Breast Cancer Risk Assessment using Shape and Texture of Breast Parenchyma in Mammography.

Still few available seats at the IT and Cognition Study

2 March 2012

Join the IT & Cognition program. The official deadline for the autumn semester 2012 was February 1 2012, but there are still a few available seats, contact coordinator Anders Søgaard (

Tom Hvitved new PhD in Computer Science

2 March 2012

On 2nd March 2012 Tom Hvitved defended his PhD thesis on Contract Formalisation and Modular Implementation of Domain-Specific Languages

Lasse Nielsen new PhD from DIKU

1 February 2012

Lasse Nielsen defended his ph.d. thesis on 1st February 2012. The titls was: Regular Expressions and Multiparty Session Types with Applications to Workflow Based Verification of User Interfaces

Søren Hauberg new ph.d

27 January 2012

On January 27th 2012  Søren Hauberg defended his PhD about Spatial Models of Human Motion