News 2013

Highlights from inauguration of DIKUs two new professors

19 November 2013

Stephen Alstrup and Ingemar Cox are now officially inagurated asProfessors of Computer Science at DIKU. On Monday 18th November 2013 their inaugural lectures were held.

Sarah Niebe contributes to new method used in the Bullet Physics engine

7 November 2013

During development of a new numerical method for rigid body simulation in the Bullet Physics engine, used in Hollywood movies and computer games, PhD student Sarah Niebe contributed an essential part to the research.

Lars Lau Raket awarded the University of Copenhagen Silver Medal

7 November 2013

The University of Copenhagen Silver Medal 2013 was won by PhD student Lars Lau Rakêt for his thesis "Duality based optical flow algorithms with applications".

Lambdabamserne win Danish championship in programming for the third time

21 October 2013

LambdabamserneThree students from the Department of Computer Science can now call themselves ’Denmark’s programming champions’ for the third time.

Jon Sporring receives distinguished award for article on medical imaging

11 September 2013

Neurosurgeons and neurologists can now look forward to improved tools and methods in their work on different parts of the human brain, e.g. removing a brain tumor. The method utilized is called Functional Imaging that draws precise function maps of the human brain.

Tarjan talk on Fibonacci Heaps and a lot more...

28 August 2013

Under the headline 'Simple Algorithms Whose Analysis Isn't' Robert Tarjan entertained an enthutisiastic audience on i.a. Fibonacci heaps during his talk at DIKU on 23rd August 2013. See photos from the event.

Talk by Gul Agha

28 August 2013

Gul Agha held a COPLAS Talk at DIKU entitled: "The Actor Model: Foundations, Languages and Open Problems"

Talk by Michael Mitzenmacher at DIKU

28 August 2013

Peeling Arguments: Invertible Bloom Lookup Tables and Biff Codes was the title of the talk held by professor Michael Mitzenmacher at DIKU on 16th August 2013.

DIKU's Pwnies home from DefCon hacking finals in Las Vegas

22 August 2013

Team photoFor the first time ever, a UCPH team of computer science students made the finals of DefCon - the unofficial world championships in hacking. For them, it was a 3-day, 24-hour hack-a-thon

Droner kan mindske brug af pesticider

22 August 2013

Billedanalyse, machine learning

Små drone-fly kan snart blive et vigtigt arbejdsredskab for landmændene.  I et nyt treårigt projekt sået af Miljøstyrelsen er Københavns Universitet, herunder Institut for Plante- og Miljøvidenskab og Datalogisk Institut gået i gang med at undersøge, hvordan droner kan producere de såkaldte ukrudtskort, som computeren kan analysere. Altså at kortlægge de steder på landmændenes marker, hvor der er brug for at bekæmpe ukrudt med pesticider.

Aasa Feragen receives an honorable mention in the running for Francois Erbsmann Prize

1 August 2013

At the 23rd IPMI (International Conference on Information Processing in Medical Imaging) a lecture by Aasa Feragen generated debate as well as new perspectives on the mathematics behind statistical models for anatomical tree structures, which resulted in an honorable mention in the running for the Francois Erbsmann Prize.

Pwnies heading for world championship in hacking in Las Vegas

31 July 2013

A group of computer science students from the University of Copenhagen has this week made their way to Las Vegas to take part in a competition which is considered to be the world championships for law-abiding hackers.

More applications for IT and CS educations than ever at UCPH

31 July 2013

Great satisfaction is expressed with this year's enrolment of new Computer Science and IT students at the University of Copenhagen. 16% more than last year have applied and a consolidated intake of so far 300 new bachelors is considered satisfactory by Head of CS Department Martin Zachariasen.

DIKU'S career fair for students 2013

28 May 2013

DIKU had its annual career day -  D-day - on Friday

Meeting about cloud in DIKU Business Club

22 April 2013

The meeting in DIKU Business Club this time was about cloud

Computer science enrollments soared last year, rising 30% in USA

13 March 2013

Tech studies are cool again as students see degrees leading to jobs in many fields; Ph.D. enrollment reaches new high, survey finds

Vice-President of the European Commission: My advice to young women

13 March 2013

Debate about women and the economic crisis.

Event: 30 years of e-mails

11 March 2013

The Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen celebrates that it was the first to send an e-mail over the Atlantic. Join the celebration on Monday, and discover one of campus' greatest tales - not without crooks and heroes

Open House at HCØ attended by more than 1500 high school students

7 March 2013

On Wednesday afternoon 27th February, the HCØ Institute was invaded by young people, some accompanied by parents, grandparents or brothers and sisters, interested in the bachelor educations offered by the SCIENCE faculty.
Our students manning the Computer science (datalogi) and Naturvidenskab & it booths unanimously reported of more visitors than last year and a high interest among the visitors for our educations. Also at the talks (2 x 2) there were more visitors than last year....

CACM - Mikkel Thorup

27 February 2013

Read Mikkel Thorup discussion paper on research grants in ACM.

Esben Warming Pedersen new PhD from DIKU

6 February 2013

Esben Warming Pedersen on 4th February 2013 successfully defended his PhD thesis in computer science on: Grab and Touch - Empirical Research on Tangible Computing and Touch Interaction

Study group: Medical Imaging

30 January 2013

Take part in a report that describes the physcal and algorithmic principles behind different techniques for tomographic reconstructions of medical items in three dimensions.

Troels Mønsted new PhD from DIKU

30 January 2013

Troels Mønsted on 18th January 2013 successfully defended his PhD thesis in computer science on: Medical Emplotment – Designing IT for Distributed Healthcare.

Top scholars coming to IT, media conference

23 January 2013

People used to think of computers as giant calculators. But time has proved that the biggest impact they have on our lives is as a place for interaction, says organiser, before big names arrive on Thursday

Study Computer Science as single courses - and improve your competences

10 January 2013

If you want to follow a single course in Computer Science, hurry up before the deadline at January 15th.