News 2014

Martin Zachariasen resigns as Head of Department

2 December 2014

Jørgen Bansler new acting Head of Department at Computer Science

Vivek Shah wins Best Paper Runner Up for prospective database system

12 November 2014

How can developers of applications working with large databases be ensured both performance and ease of use? Vivek Shah will attempt to answer this during his Ph.D., and his paper "Transactional Partitioning: A New Abstraction for Main-Memory Databases" recently won Best Paper Runner Up at the 40th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, VLDB2014.

Peter Naur a founding father of computer science

10 November 2014

Peter NaurDIKU Hall of Fame presents: Peter Naur, Denmark’s only Turing Award laureate, first Professor of computer science, and the inventor of the term ‘datalogy’. Computer Science throughout the world as well as locally at the Department of Computer Science at UCPH would not have been the same without Peter Naur, one of the founding fathers of computer science.

High school students solve algoritmic problems

5 November 2014

The Department of Computer Science (DIKU) at the University of Copenhagen has started a collaboration with the Danish Academy for Talented Youths (ATU). So far DIKU has hosted 4 events for the bright young people. At the final workshop on november 5th, the students eagerly absorbed the new knowledge about efficient problem solving.

Open letter: Professors warn against planned merger

6 October 2014

Professors at the Department of Computer Sciences, DIKU sign an open letter to the Dean of the Faculty of Science arguing against a proposed merger with the Department of Mathematical Sciences, MATH. Here is the full text

Danish scientists best at diagnosing dementia

24 September 2014

At the recent MICCAIR conference in Boston, USA, the Danish participants from Department of Computer Science at University of Copenhagen demonstrated their skills in medical imaging, when they won the competition in computing methods for diagnosing Alzheimers disease using MR scans.

Reversible Computation can revolutionize IT

24 September 2014

LorryImagine a world where computers didn't use any energy, where they didn't produce any heat and where you would have the answer and then get the question. This is the world which the researchers at the MicroPower project have been towards, using reversible computation as their tool.

Shun-ichi Amari is visiting DIKU

22 September 2014

Shun-ichi AmariThe famous Japanese scientist, Shun-ichi Amari, a pioneer within the field of information geometry, will be lecturing at the DIKU PhD course, “Information Geometry in Learning and Optimization” this week. DIKU’s professor Christian Igel, to whom the work of Amari has been greatly influential, explains the significance of his research.

Summer School Update: Digital Services Innovation

21 August 2014

The summer course Digital Service Innovation is being hold thise days, in the old library at DIKU.

Personalised ads everywhere - the dark side of interactive technology

18 August 2014

Mirrors displaying personalised ads in the restroom, talking windows on a train. Ads are becoming more instrusive, almost verging on evil. New research looks at the developments in 'proxemic interactions'

DIKU rises in international rankings

18 August 2014

Shanghai university ranking listThe University of Copenhagen and especially DIKU is doing really well in this year's Shanghai university ranking. From being number 42 last year UCPH now ranks as number 39, and DIKU, too, is performing better than ever before. 

DIKU Hall of Fame - Kaare Danielsen - founder of Jobindex

12 August 2014

Hall of FameKaare Danielsen was the first in the world to develop a search engine for jobs on the internet. It was named Jobindex and is today the largest search engine for jobs. Kaare holds a PhD from the Department of Computer Science (DIKU) at University of Copenhagen.

DIKU is on a world wide networking spree

21 July 2014

The Department of Computer Science at UCPH (DIKU) is mingling with the in-crowd of science these days. The occasion is that a new scientific collaboration has taken off between DIKU and renowned scientists at Princeton University in the US. Simultaneously, in the other end of the world, DIKU is cultivating the relationship with China intending to start up new scientific collaborations and exchanging knowledge and ideas.

Three stimulating days with algorithms at SEA 2014

9 July 2014

This year's SEA conference was held in Copenhagen with the Department of Computer Science at University Copenhagen as host. In the three days the conference took place, up to 70 participants explored various subjects on algorithms and algorithm design techniques.

Smiles of joy and maybe a single teardrop? Neil's big day

17 June 2014

Nearly 100 older as well as younger, former as well as present colleagues, friends, students and 'Prog-Langers' had joined the Workshop in honour of Neil Jones, marking four decades of research and celebrating his recently awarded ACM-SIGPLAN programming languages award.

DIKU-professor Neil Jones receives Programming Languages Achievement Award

13 June 2014

DIKU's professor emeritus Neil Jones receives the prestigious ACM SIGPLAN Programming Languages Achievement Award for his significant and lasting contribution to the field of programming languages.

Brain region's relative proximity as marker for Alzheimer's disease based on structural MRI

5 June 2014

Lauge Sørensen and Mads Nielsen from DIKU, together with the rest of the group from BMC medical imaging, have found the brain region's relative proximity as marker for Alzheimer's disease based on structural MRI.

Daybuilder Reports: How to fund your startup

21 May 2014

Are you looking to start your own? These days there are plenty of opportunities, funding and help. For proof, just take a look at former DIKU students Philip Kaare Løventoft and Lasse Benn Nørregaard, founders of Daybuilder Solutions.

Professor revolutionises computers with the most random function ever

25 April 2014

Computers need to be able to generate random results in order to work. DIKU professor Mikkel Thorup has now created the most random function in the world.

HIPERFIT partner Lexifi has landed a major deal with Bloomberg

4 April 2014

Bloomberg and LexiFi recently announced the integration of LexiFi's technology into the Bloomberg Professional service.

Summer Courses at DIKU

3 April 2014

See a list of the summer courses offered by DIKU this summer.

UCPH is member of the new Panel of Digital Wisemen

1 April 2014

Stephen Alstrup, professor in Computer Science at UCPH, has been appointed UCPH's member of the new Governmental Advisory Panel of  Digital Wisemen.

Are you a MSc student at DIKU and applying for DADIU this fall?

20 March 2014

The study programme at The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment is a specialization in creating computer games. You will participate in workshops, lectures, projects and a six-week game-production in this semester.

Leslie Lamport wins Turing Award

19 March 2014

Microsoft researcher Leslie Lamport wins the 2013 Turing Award for his contributions to the field of distributed computing systems.

Summer course in Digital Services Innovation

11 March 2014

Are you interested in digital services and do you want to learn during the summer? Department of Computer Science offers a summer course on 7,5 ECTS points in weeks 33-35.

Advanced data visualisation tools transcend traditional bean counting

20 February 2014

Advanced data visualisation tools transcend traditional bean counting.
Read about Mikkel R Jakobsen and his colleague Kasper Hornbæk from DIKU who presented their work at
VIS 2013 conference held in Atlanta, Georgia in October 2013.

Reboot in Recruiting Women Into Computer Science

24 January 2014

Experts on the gender gap in computer science have increasingly come to believe that a multipronged strategy is needed to close it

Computer skal finde oversete brystkræftpatienter

15 January 2014

Et nyt samarbejde mellem Datalogisk Institut ved Københavns Universitet og firmaet Biomediq skal komme problemet med de oversete brystkræftpatienter til livs.