21 August 2014

Summer School Update: Digital Services Innovation

Summer School, Digital Services Innovation

The summer course Digital Service Innovation is these days being held in the old library at DIKU.


From week 33-35, the summer course Digital Services Innovation is being held in the old library, at DIKU.

The aim of the course is to give students a theoretical framework and practical skills in developing innovative digital services. The courses emphasize critical services that have high potential for generating enduring societal impact.

The course focus on the healthcare domain in particular. Digital services in healthcare play a critical role in service delivery and have critical impact on key performance indicators, and require security, reliability, integration, and presentation of information to both professional and private users.

Interdisciplinary groups

Students from Copenhagen Business School, Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen are working in interdisciplinary groups to design innovative digital services based on cases provided by external organizations.

During the course the students conduct field work in order to analyze, design, prototype, and evaluate a new digital service in collaboration with the stakeholders.

The end product will be both a prototype and a business model of an innovative digital service that will be presented to the sponsoring stakeholders.

Beyond the course

The course has been running for 3 years, and over the last year 2 projects yielded further work in the groups.

One group took the entrepreneurship to another level and started their own company, now working on a tool to help with danish grammar. One of the group members, Rasmus Bøgelund Christiansen, is a member of this year's advice panel.

The other group received an offer to continue working on the project. The group has since split into smaller sections working on different aspects of the project. Oliver Salomon, one of the group members, are currently working out a new plan based on the original concept with a different organization.

There is high hopes for the projects' continuation this year as well, and one of the organizations have already expressed their interest in the continuation of a project.

This year's cases and stakeholders

Prior to the course the stakeholders have presented their cases in a case file in which functinal and technical requirements are specified.

Plejecenter Bredebro, Lyngby Taarbæk Kommune

IT for Care Centers?
It is a daily challenge to plan and coordinate activities of the residents at Plejecenter Bredebro. Plejecenter Bredebro is therefor in need of a digital service that improves management of the appointments of the residents and improves collaboration among employees and residents (potentially also among relatives and staff at other healthcare providers). The digital service must be easy to use for people with low technical literacy for instance by being very visual and by using images to accommodate to users with dementia.

Astma-Allergi Danmark

Am I Allergic?
Astma-Allergi Danmark wishes to enable people with allergy to contribute to their own diagnosis and treatment and hereby strengthen the collaboration between general practitioners and patient. The patient must have a certain level of knowledge about symptoms and diseases and the correlation between these. Therefor Astma-Allergi Danmark wish to make it more accessible for the members to learn about their conditions. The digital service must assist the user in identifying and interpreting symptoms, and thereby point them towards a potential diagnosis. Further more the digital service must be able to show on www.astma-allergi.dk and be developed in HTML5.

Living IT Lab

Healthy cooking for people with intellectual disabilitie
Research show that obesity is more commen among people with intellectual and learnings disabilities than among the common population, Living IT Lab wish to make it easier for this group of citizans to prepare healthyer and nutritious food and thereby prevent health issues related to poor lifestyle, by improving their abilities to maintain a healthy diet.

Pictures from the summer school