21 May 2014

Daybuilder Reports: How to fund your startup


Are you considering starting on your own? Recently, plenty of new ways of funding your startup has seen the light of day.

Starting a new business is hard work. Not only do you need a vision, you also need basic business knowledge, a good support system and of course - funding. But where do you start, after you've come up with a great idea?

Help and Funding

When looking for help with your startup as a student, one of the most obvious places to start is Katapult, the entrepreneurial greenhouse at the University of Copenhagen. With their expertise, they can help not only with advice but with offers such as office space for students, summer schools and funding.

But there's also plenty of options to go outside of the university world - in recent years, websites such as Kickstarter have proved a great way of starting up new projects if they appeal to the masses and provide a solution to a common problem.

Daybuilder Solutions - a startup by DIKU students

When looking at DIKU students, one of the prominent examples of a successful startup is Daybuilder Solutions, started by Philip Kaare Løventoft and Lasse Benn Nørregaard in cooperation with associate professor Erik Frøkjær.

Starting as a smaller project with a focus on a platform for monitoring daily symptoms of psychiatric patients, it has now grown into a business that helps developing ideas in every phase of development.