12 August 2014

DIKU Hall of Fame - Kaare Danielsen - founder of Jobindex

Kaare Danielsen, Jobindex.dk

Kaare Danielsen was the first in the world to develop a search engine for jobs on the internet. It was named Jobindex and is today the largest search engine for jobs. Kaare holds a PhD from the Department of Computer Science (DIKU) at University of Copenhagen.

The impact of the CS education is immense

Portrait of Kaare Danielsen
Photo: Jobindex

As a young computer science student, Kaare Danielsen realized that mathematics combined with computers was his right element. According to Kaare, the CS education at University of Copenhagen (DIKU) still today offers a wide range of job opportunities:

“Computer Science has meant everything for my career. Without computers I would probably have ended up being a mathematician or a teacher.  Computers made it possible for me to create useful programs that other people could use. This has given me a totally different career. ”

The CS education is flexible and can easily be combined with subjects that match your personal interest. This was important to Kaare, when he planned his curriculum. Kaare chose to combine his PhD in CS from DIKU with courses from Denmark's Technical University and a Diploma in Economics (HD) from Copenhagen Business School.

The greatest thing about studying was that you learned a lot of new things and that you became part of a community with a lot of other students who shared the same attitudes and interests. I love to learn new things, and in Denmark it's almost free to study, so I learned as much as I could.

To choose a career - a big decision!

Like most graduates from DIKU, Kaare Danielsen had to make the big decision having completed his PhD. Was he going to stay at the university? Should he look for a job in the private sector? Or should he start his own company which had always been his dream?

His first choice was the private sector. After some years in business, Kaare and his wife moved to California in 1993. As the internet had its breakthrough in 1996, Kaare came up with the idea for a job search engine, and he seized the opportunity to start his own company. Only a couple of years later, in 1998, Kaare and his wife moved back to Denmark to start Jobindex.dk

Today, Jobindex is the largest search engine for jobs on the marked in Denmark which has led to an IPO.

Kaare's biggest hightlights

I recall many highlights from my study time. In particular, I remember when I won the Philips Inventors' Competition with a cheese machine I had made.

And in 2007, I remember when we were listed with Jobindex on First North. It’s amazing to see something you have developed being used by thousands of people.

LinkedIn Kaare Danielsen is on LinkedIn