17 June 2014

Smiles of joy and maybe a single teardrop? Neil's big day

Neil Jones

Nearly 100 older as well as younger, former as well as present colleagues, friends, students and 'Prog-Langers' had joined the Workshop in honour of Neil Jones, marking four decades of research and celebrating his recently awarded ACM-SIGPLAN programming languages award.

Anecdotes from the early years of Neil's research career, complicated explanations on how to mix mix with mix (targeted the ProgLang-incrowd) and - notably - many heartfelt and enthusiastic testemonials of the degree to which Neils Jones has enriched and inspired his students and peers - even if - according to Neil himself - he presented them with "all that crazy stuff".

A multicoloured program of talks gave the audience a richly faceted profile of Neil as the ambitious, un-compromising, creative and at the same time humble researcher who through four decades has challenged and influenced international research in Programming Languages. Enjoy the snapshots and (re)view the presentations. A video with the speeches is underway.

Photos from Neil Jones' Workshop

Professor emer. Dines Bjørner

Jens Palsberg, UCLA

Peter Sestoft, ITU

Neil Jones and Jan Midtgaard, AU

Mads Rosendahl, RUC, and Jørgen Steensgaard-Madsen


Jakob Rehof, TU Dortmund & Fraunhofer ISST

Neil Jones and spouse, Lene Rold

Jan Midtgaard, Aarhus University

Amir Ben-Amram, Tel-Aviv University:

Dean John Renner, SCIENCE, UCPH

Fritz Henglein, DIKU, UCPH

Jakob Grue Simonsen, DIKU, UCPH

Neil Jones: Laureate’s speech

Neil Jones unwrapping gift from Dept.

Dines Bjørner and Olivier Danvy, AU



Asger Alstrup, Area9, and Kristian Nielsen


Olivier Danvy, AU, and Claus Brabrand, ITU


Andrzej Filinski, DIKU, and Ken Friis Larsen, DIKU