13 June 2014

DIKU-professor Neil Jones receives Programming Languages Achievement Award

At DIKU we are proud to announce that professor emeritus Neil Jones on 10th June 2014 at SIGPLAN's PLDI conference in Edinburgh was awarded the 18th ACM SIGPLAN'Programming Languages Achievement Award, which, next to the Turing Award, Computer Science's equaivalent to the Nobel Prize, is the most distinguished prize to be given to any CS researcher.

In the nomination it is a.o. emphasized that Neil Jones is a pioneer of programming-language methods.

He introduced control-flow analysis for higher-order programs, binding-time analysis to tame self-applicable partial evaluation, what is known today as "Jones optimality", and size-change termination analysis.

Neil is also noted for bridges he established between programming languages and complexity/computability theory, e.g., characterizing Turing's Universal Machine as self interpretation, Kleene's S-m-n theorem as partial evaluation, Kleene's second recursion theorem as reflection, and the expressive power of typed cons-free functional languages by means of complexity classes.

His pioneering work on complexity theory included the development of completeness for P and solving the spectrum problem (the basis of finite model theory). Lastly, Neil is a tireless and inspiring mentor, and he has written several influential textbooks that are testaments to his thesis that programs are data objects and that programming languages are a cornerstone of computer science.

Neil Jones is celebrated on Monday 16th June from 12 - 18

DIKU is hosting a Workshop in Honor of Neil D. Jones: Programs as Data. All interested parties are welcome, pls. register below.

Registrering (senest 13. Juni kl. 15.00).

Time: 16. juni 2014 - from 12.00 to 18.00
Place: Alexandersalen, Bispetorv Annex, Bispetorvet 1-3, DK-1167 Copenhagen K

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