21 July 2014

DIKU is on a world wide networking spree


The Department of Computer Science at UCPH (DIKU) is mingling with the in-crowd of science these days. The occasion is that a new scientific collaboration has taken off between DIKU and renowned scientists at Princeton University in the US. Simultaneously, in the other end of the world, DIKU is cultivating the relationship to China intending to start up new scientific collaborations and exchanging knowledge and ideas.

DIKU scientists are going to Princeton

In 2014, DIKU received 300.000 dkr. from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s International Networking Program which is dedicated to strengthening international research relations. The grant is designated travel expenses for DIKU scientists and students going to Princeton for shorter or longer visits or as participators in workshops. Professor Robert Tarjan, who won the Turing Award - the Nobel Prize of Computer Science - back in 1986 for his pioneering work within graph algorithms and data structures, is the principal participant in the American part of the collaboration.

DIKU’s professor Stephen Alstrup, has been the driving force behind the new collaboration. By creating a framework within which researchers of algorithms from DIKU and Princeton can meet and exchange ideas, he hopes that it will be possible to establish long term collaborations and mutually beneficial relations between the two universities.

Next stop: China

Stephen Alstrup is also working on a strategy for enhancing the relations to China - the Nankai University which lies on the east coast of China, more specifically. In recent years, China has proven to be an important actor within the world of science with whom it is worthwhile to engage. Those were Stephen's thoughts when he went to China in February 2014 to discuss common research goals and to find out how the two universities could benefit from each other. He concludes:

- The Nankai University is very interested in collaborating with DIKU, and we really want the strengthen our connection to the Chinese world of research, too.

Stephen Alstrup during a talk at the Nankai University in China where he explains why Copenhagen is such a great place for startups. Photo: www.yocsef.org

Stephen Alstrup is a Professor at The Department of Computer Science at UCPH and National Digital Advisor at the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. He is interested in algorithms, innovation, and promoting collaborations between businesses and universities.

Read more about Stephen Alstrup at his personal home page.