24 January 2014

Reboot in Recruiting Women Into Computer Science

The lack of interest among women in computer science is nothing new. The Chronicle of Higher Education has brought an article on the gender gap in computer science.

Experts on the gender gap in computer science have increasingly come to believe that a multipronged strategy is needed to close it. The tactics would include the following:

  • More-diverse programming activities, to seize the interest of middle-school girls, in the same way that role-playing video games are embraced by boys.
  • A revamped introductory course, whether taken in college or as an Advanced Placement course in high school, to provide a broad overview of the real-world applications of computer science.
  • Early exposure to research project during the first year of college.
  • Opportunities for undergraduates to interact with women who have enjoyed successful careers in technology.

The colleges that have had the most success have remodeled their first-year courses in computer science, or added new versions, to create a better experience for women.

The article presents several initiatives and perspectives on the gender gab in computer science. Read the entire article in The Chronicle of Higher Education