1 April 2014

UCPH is member of the new Panel of Digital Wisemen

Digital Wisemen

The brand new ATV-Panel of Digital Wisemen, who give opinions on the current debate on "Digital Denmark", will probably not rest on their laurels for long. The Panel's first opinion recently issued concerned the sale of NETS, the public company behind Denmark's most popular debit card.

The economic wisemen have existed for more than 50 years. The digital wisemen only came into existence early 2014, better late than never, many would say. Stephen Alstrup, professor in Computer Science at UCPH, has been appointed UCPH's member of the new Governmental Advisory Panel of  Digital Wisemen.

It is the Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) who have gathered 11 of the grand old men and ladies within it and digital knowledge from primarily universities and research entities, but also a few businesses. The board of digital wisemen represent a broad spectrum of competencies in the digital field. Its purpose is to ensure technical-professional objectivity in the public debate on digitalisation.

UCHP represented by the Department of Computer Science (DIKU) is proud to put forward its Vice Head of Deparment for Business Collaboration and Innovation.

DIKU's "wise guy" Stephen Alstrup, who in addition to being professor is Vice Head of CS Dept. has been appointed because of his merits and experience within commercialisation, startups, innovation, globalisation, big data, the Internet, cloud techology and streaming services. Stephen Alstrup says: "The digital wisemen represent deep as well as broad professional experience and operate independently. This is why they - as a panal - can provide compentent and impartial opinions to issues and questions regarding the digital developement in Denmark."

In a press releasd issued by ATV on 27th March it a.o. said that


There is a need for a more qualified dabate on the possibilities and  challenges of digitalisation.

ATV press release (in Danish)

More press coverage to be found in  Berlingske 27.03 (in Danish).

ATV's digital wise men are:

Professor Stephen Alstrup, KU (to the far right)
Professor Jakob E. Bardram, ITU
Professor Ivan Bjerre Damgård, AU
Professor Jan Damsgaard, CBS
Professor Kim Guldstrand, AAU
Owner Thomas Jakobsen, Grazper
Professor Christian Søndergaard Jensen, AAU
Professor Pernille Kræmmergaard, AAU
Professor Jan Pries-Heje, RUC
Department CEO Helle Rootzén, DTU  
Chairman of the board is CEO Ole Lehrmann Madsen, the Alexandra Institute.