28 October 2015

Press Release: The Alexandra Institute upgrades its presence in Copenhagen through a new unit at Department of Computer Science


On 1 September 2015 the independent Danish research and technology organisation Alexandra Instituttet moved in at Universitetsparken 1 in Copenhagen.

The first sod has been taken to establish a new Alexandra unit with the Department of Computer Science at University of Copenhagen (DIKU) to collaborate with DIKU's strong research sections.

Together the partners will cooperate to transform research results to practical applied research to the benefit of Danish companies as well as society.

The new Alexandra unit is officially inaugurated at DIKU  30 October at 3 p.m. at Universitetsparken 1, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. 

Vice CEO at the Alexandra Institute Anders Kofod-Petersen

– We will build on the success from our presence at Aarhus University and the IT University in Copenhagen where we have grown over the past 15 years from initially 5 persons to now 85 specialists, Vice CEO of Alexandra Instituttet Anders Kofod-Petersen explains.

Our new premises in Universitetsparken 1 at DIKU represent a strategic enhancement of the AI activities within big data, data science and machine learning.

- We indeed look forward to collaborating with the DIKU researchers in Copenhagen, Anders Kofod-Petersen concludes.


Acting Head of Deptartment at DIKU Fritz Henglein

- We welcome the new Alexandra unit at DIKU, acting head of department at DIKU, Fritz Henglein expresses.

Together with the Dean at SCIENCE, John Renner, he has worked at the Memorandum of Understanding laying the basis for the collaboration of the two research entities.

– On part of DIKU we see a number of synergy effects of the coming collaboration with the Alexandra Institute (AI). AI will draw on DIKU's current research staff and bring cutting edge research directly to the Industry in form of research based innovation.

Notably, we envisage a number of research collaboration projects within Big Data, data science and data anlysis, areas which are increasingly important as a comparative competition facting in industrial companies with large scale R&D activities.

- Moreover, our newly graduated students and PhD fellows may work for the Alexandra Institute for minor or major assignments to find out whether a career in a commercial company is interesting, Fritz Henglein explains.